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New Local Authors J. Lynn Else and Meg Hafdahl Books

by Lisa Loucks Christenson |

Meg Hafdal and J. Lynn Else stopped in at my Peacock Books store in the Kahler and introduced themselves, asked if I'd be interested in carrying their books.

We love supporting our local authors. I thought I'd mention that we don't offer a consignment program. We buy direct from the publisher, distributor, or author. They both told me about their writing interests, about local author groups I didn't even know existed, and discussed Peacock Books hosting an upcoming book signing. I'll post the dates when we've set up all the details. Please check back!

Both authors are published by Inklings Publishing out of Houston, Texas. Meg also writes her horror and suspense for Spider Road Press. Meg even mentioned she'll be teaching a class on writing horror and suspense at Forager's a local Rochester, Minnesota eatery (they have great burgers and a fun atmosphere) next month. 

Meg's website is:

Meg has a great collection of titles: 

Her Dark Inheritance

Twisted Reveries: 13 Tales of the Macabre

Ecletically Criminal: Ecletic Writings Series Vol 2

From her publisher Spider Road Press:

Eve's Requiem: Tales of Women, Mystery and Horror


J. Lynn Else writes Historical fiction and fantasy. Her website is

Her books are:

Descendants of Avalon

The Forgotten: Aren's Last Queen

The Forgotten: Heir of the Heretic


Take a moment to check out these talented authors books. No doubt that our worldwide guests will delight in reading all they have to offer them.  

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