Don't Eat Bees! Written & Illustrated By Lisa Loucks-Christenson
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 "Most days I wear camouflage to work."––Lisa Loucks Christenson/Wildlife Photographer and Author

Peacock Books & Wildlife Art by Lisa Loucks-Christenson 

Peacock Books is located in Shop #1 of the Kahler Grand Hotel, in the hotels lobby, across the street from the Mayo Clinic. We sell a hand curated selection of new releases, best sellers, and exclusive titles. We purchase books for all ages, in a variety of genres including: action/adventure, cooking, lifestyles, health, historical, crafts, memoir, mysteries, nature, suspense/thrillers, politics, war, WWII, wildlife, nature and more.  

Our clients visit us from all over the world in search of new titles, exclusive titles, and books with unique binding, personalized books created in-house, Lisa's original wildlife art, and giclée  prints custom printed, embellished and framed for her global client base.

The walls of Peacock Books feature a rotating selection of Lisa's original art, her wildlife giclée prints from Lisa's ongoing wildlife documentaries, and art inspired by her love of all creatures.

Lisa's wildlife prints can be purchased loose, matted, or framed on a variety of papers, canvas, and textures. Select prints can be ordered in custom sizes, framed, sold loose, and shipped to you in the USA. Lisa's wildlife art books are custom ordered and personalized featuring her art.

Lisa's books, ebooks, photos, and art is sold, exclusively, in her stores, except for a few ebooks, Story Preview Editions, and episodes that she sells worldwide, through outside vendors on licensed or temporary promotions.

Lisa's book series include: Bow Wow Detectives®, Meow Meow Detectives™, Wolves of Whitewater Falls, Birch Lond's Blind Leap and more. Peacock Books sells Photo Traders, Story Preview Editions, ebooks, books, art cards, and her wildlife documentaries and photos; fudge as seen on QVC Television made by Lisa's husband, David; and fantasy art by the couples daughter, Emme.

Since 2005, Lisa's focused her photography career on capturing the stories of our wildlife living in our blufflands, on both the Minnesota and Wisconsin sides of the Mississippi River. Lisa's work includes unique coverage and rare, never-seen footage of the life of bald eagles, on and off the nest, from the first eaglet to their last she has captured an entire life cycle of a wild pair of eagles living in the Minnesota blufflands, among other pairs of eagles she documented through the valley.  Lisa is currently preparing these works for upcoming release.

                                                           Documentary by Lisa Loucks-Christenson
                                                          Struggling for Existence: What Nature Share
                                                          15 Years in the Whitewater Valley and Beyond

Lisa is currently completing a 15-year documentary, one she feels is the most important documentaries she's recorded called, Struggling for Existence: What Nature Shared, 15 Years in the Whitewater Valley and Beyond. This documentary portrays the struggles our smallest insects to our apex predators encounter to survive. Lisa's project covers life and death, trapping and illegal trapping, poachers and illegal baiting, the story of the conservation officer impostor, hunting and illegal hunting, harassment, mating, nesting, births, siblings, departures, battles, bonds, peculiar playmates, unexpected companions, and more. This documentary contains graphic images that are not advised for young readers or anyone with a soft heart. This documentary is true nature; man versus nature, and nature versus nature. It is a record of what Lisa documented and reported to law enforcement, whether investigated or not. This is the voice of the valleys' inhabitants, the story they creatures shared with Lisa, unmeddled. Pre-order $65.00.


Winter Bugs! 2019 Edition

A Documentary by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

A collection of over 200+ images of insects, spiders, beetles during a Minnesota Winter. 

Lisa covers her documentaries through the seasons and shares the private lives of bald eagles, black bear, rattlesnakes, wolves, coyotes, and cougars with her visitors. Lisa loves to share her knowledge of the outdoors, swap stories on outdoor adventures, learn about your travels, and prays over all  of her clients who visit. 


Lisa opens her Peacock Books & Wildlife Gallery (unless closed for events):

Monday-Thursday: 2PM to 8PM 

Friday's: Noon to 6 PM

Sunday evenings 4 PM to 8 PM.

All other hours are booked for private showings, events, Lisa's family time, writing, photo shoots, interviews, and wildlife documentaries.


You may pre-order Lisa's upcoming titles (sold exclusively at her stores); order Lisa's original art, commissioned art, wildlife prints, and place holiday or gift orders, orders you'd like shipped at Lisa's customer service desk, or by calling us: (888) 983-3085. 

Below is a small sampling of art on display of Lisa's wildlife art. Lisa's prints and original art are sold for non-commercial use and may not be reproduced or used commercially. 


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