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Author: L. L. Christenson

Recorded encounters, stories of ordinary women and men whose lives changed after their encounters with otherworldly creatures. Men and women who used their knowledge and wiles to escape the holds of their extraterrestrials and their clan. People who were changed by their journey, and now talk—but only in whispers—about the others, about humans who tried to escape and failed, about others that will never see daylight again—not without an army of supernatural intervention.

These people share their knowledge about the inner minds of these arrogant, untamed and wild creatures. Aliens we previously believed were creatures of the night, of outer space but now know the truth. They are diurnal, and can only be tamed—by the voice and love of their soulmate. These documented stories are the words shared by brave men and women that stepped forward to inform others of the aliens living among us. Souleds, as they are called, people who were taken from our society, changed, and brought back.

These are the stories from these, now free, men and women, their encounters with one of the most revered creatures of the world. These are their stories, as told-to the author before their lives changed, people who realized, maybe too late, that once they  connected to their soulmate t hey may never be seen again—by their loved ones, only their new families.

These are the documented stories of their lives, their “normal” long before everything changed. Once claimed by their soulmate, they connected to them forever, and for those who remained human—forever became an inescapable mind hold and would challenge their perception of eternity.


Alienatro Dreams

Science Fiction Drama

Season One

Twelve Episodes

E1: Test Landing

E2: First Humans

E3: Earth Caves

E4: Hunted by Rednecks





E10: TBA

E11: TBA

E12: TBA



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